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The Scenario

Average # of TornadoesDebris scattered, trees uprooted, cars flipped, houses ripped apart. In Illinois alone, there are 8 strong to violent (F2-F5) tornadoes on average per year, demolishing homes and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, these families lose their homes and livelihoods, and their personal foundations are uprooted overnight. In such harsh circumstances, many people find refuge in rental units or with family and friends, requiring them to leave their local community.

Through a rapid deployment strategy, the solar powered Re_home offers a better, more sustainable solution to this housing problem. By finding a balance between good design and smart planning, the Re_home responds to the physical and emotional needs of the families while overall demonstrating how environmentally aware living can be brought to the forefront of a community-led recovery effort.

Home Deployment Sites

Tornado StatisticsThe Re_home deployment strategy consists of four distribution points located in Champaign, IL, San Angelo, TX, Tallahassee, FL, and Rapid City, SD.

The inner circle around each hub reaches a 500 mile radius, while the outer ring around Champaign reaches a distance of 700 miles from the distribution points. These hubs will allow the Re_home to reach the site of disasters across the U.S. within 24 hours by truck.

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