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The Process

Being prepared to Re_spond to the problem at hand.

When disaster strikes a rapid response is critical. Through a carefully thought out process the Re_home can be pre-constructed and quickly deployed immediately following a disaster.

When called upon, the house mobilizes quickly from its constructed location towards new communities. Upon arrival the house is assembled within several hours. Once sealed, the home becomes a livable space the day it arrives, providing new shelter for disaster victims.

During the days following delivery the rest of the house can be assembled by members of the community. Pre-installed adjustable solar panels provide renewable energy quickly, and prefabricated modular decks, planters, and canopies ease installation of all exterior elements of the home.


Steps for recovery

1. Pre-assembled by a modular home manufacturer the house is put on a truck at their site using available machinery.
2. Designed for transport both units fit on one truck and travel comfortably on most roadways.
3. Once on site the two units are unloaded and joined to create the heart of a new home.
4. Pre-installed solar panels are oriented and and modular decks are assembled.
5. Modular shading canopies are installed over both deck areas.
6. A new home is created, housing those displaced and creating a new hub of community interaction.

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